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What is ticket forwarding?

Transfer your tickets to friends, family, clients, or anyone else. Argonauts Members can transfer their tickets using ticket transfer. Once the recipient receives and accepts your ticket offer, the recipient can print his or her TicketFast® generated tickets to any standard printer (if print functionality is available) or view on mobile device (where available).

Note: Once a ticket has been transferred and accepted, your original tickets will no longer be valid.

What are the fees for transferring tickets?

When you forward tickets, there may be per ticket charges for authentication and ticketFast® delivery. Any such fees will be displayed during the forwarding process.

How do I transfer tickets?

  • Log in to My Argos Account Manager
  • Select "Manage My Tickets"
  • Select an event
  • Select 'Transfer to Friend' within the dropdown. Note: Not all events and/or seats are eligible to be transferred ie) Playoff ticket included in your package prior date confirmation
  • Select seats that you wish to transfer. Note: you may select seats across multiple events and/or seat blocks to transfer at once
  • Once satisfied, click 'continue' to proceed into the transfer process
  • You may also be given the opportunity to transfer additional items associated with the event (such as parking) as part of this process

When completed, an email invite will be sent to the recipient to accept or decline the transferred tickets. If accepted, your original ticket will no longer be valid.

Note: do not destroy or discard your original tickets until the recipient has completed the acceptance process. You will receive an email confirmation when the recipient either accepts or declines the transfer invite.

What if the recipient cannot attend the event?

The recipient will have the option to accept or decline your offer when they receive the ticket transfer invitation. The recipient can decline the offer and you will receive an email notifying you they did not accept the tickets. You may also cancel the offer from the Ticket Management page any time up until the tickets are accepted by the recipient. Once the offer is accepted by the recipient, your original ticket is no longer valid.

How do I cancel my ticket transfer offer?

There are two ways to view and manage your pending ticket management actions. You can either select 'view and manage pending actions' from the Ticket Management page or select an event that you have actioned on. From there, you can manage your pending ticket transfer offers. Select a transfer offer and click 'cancel transfer' and you will be directed to the cancel process. You may be also eligible to cancel only certain group of seats within a transfer offer if you have transferred seats spanning various seat blocks and events. If you cancel a portion of seats within the initial transfer offer, the remaining seats can still be accepted by the recipient.

What if I transferred my tickets to a wrong email address?

You can cancel the offer from the Ticket Management page any time up until the tickets are accepted by the recipient. Since your original tickets are no longer valid once the recipient accepts the transfer invite, you may need to contact customer service at 416-341-ARGO (2746) with the account number and the transfer transaction number.

What if I transferred the wrong event or wrong seats?

You can cancel the offer from the Ticket Management page any time up until the tickets are accepted by the recipient. Once canceled, you will need to complete the transfer process again.

What is the deadline for transferring tickets?

The deadline is at kick-off/start of game.

What if the event is rescheduled or cancelled?

If the event is rescheduled, the recipient who accepted the transferred invite retains the tickets. If the event is cancelled, the initial purchaser of the tickets will receive the refund. Note: there is no refund for any fees associated with the transfer transaction.

Why are some tickets not available for transfer?

Certain events and locations within a venue may not be available for you to transfer your tickets for various reasons which may include, but are not limited to:

  • The event has passed or it is past the transfer cut off time
  • Only barcoded tickets can be transferred
  • The tickets have not been paid for
  • Tickets are not available for transferring due to certain venue or event restrictions
  • The event date hasn’t been confirmed

How do I know the transferred tickets have been used?

Navigate to the Ticket Management page and select "ticket history" when viewing the event and seat details. This information is only displayed when the event has passed.

How do I accept a ticket transfer?

When a ticket transfer invite is sent to you, there are 2 ways to accept the invite:

  • Via ticket transfer email sent by the ticket sender
  • Logging into My ARGONAUTS Account Manager. If you currently do not have an account, you will need to create one

When logged into your Argonauts Account Manager, click on the alert module on top to accept the ticket transfer.